The smallest moldavites

The smallest moldavites are natural fragments usually of the size of about 2mm and of weight of several hudreths of a gram. They are approximately 5000 times lighter than the biggest moldavites.

Very glossy

Gloss of moldavites

Gloss of the surface is another feature which is not uniform when it comes to moldavites. We not only recognize several shades of colour but also various degrees of gloss. On the surface, gloss usually varies but inside it is uniform.

Moldavites colors

The colour of moldavites

The colour of most tektites (see tektites overview) is at the first sight black (in the case of thin cuts the colour is brown or yellowish). Beautiful green colour of moldavites is unique and rare among tektites.

Naturally divided moldavites - drop

Natural divided (fragmented) moldavites

They are moldavites which probably got broken in the sediment and all its parts were recovered. A moldavite like that is usually broken into two or three parts. The desintegration happens most often during diageneses which is the process of “maturation”, “settling” of the sediment. A moldavite breaks because of the pressure of upper layers.…

Moldavite with Ferruginous sandstone

Ferruginous sandstones on moldavites

Ferruginous sandstones can be found on the surface of moldavites along with stuck grains of surrounding minerals – clays and sands. They can be found even more rarely in partially opened bubbles. They are usually rust-coloured or light brown.

Natural holes

Sometimes you can see a moldavite with one or several holes through it. I do not mean man-made drille holes, but holes of natural nature.

Moldavite with noticeable fluidal texture on surface

Internal structure of moldavites – fluidal texture

Moldavites are very homogeneous compared to other natural glasses. Moldavites don’t contain unmelted mineral grains and crystallites – thanks to the fact that moldavites origin at high temperature. Fluidal texture Moldavites have fluid-like texture. Fluidal arrangement is the basic attribute of the moldavite texture. It shows the lines of flow of the molten material before…