Natural half of disk - Moldavite

Partial primary moldavites shapes

Moldavites went through a marked change of their shape on the Earth’s surface. It was caused by mechanical and chemical effects of various factors. Breaking and cracking of moldavites was very significant and lead to the origin of partial primary shapes and fragmental shapes. It happened during the dropping and geological transport and also spontaneously…

Measuring of moldavite radioactivity

Are Moldavites radioactive?

Moldavites are not radioactive. Nevertheless, I do come across this question a lot, so let’s go ahead and debunk this myth of Moldavites’ radioactivity and confirm that they are safe to handle.

Deposits of moldaites

How Moldavite Deposits Are Named

Every moldavite deposit (location) has its own name and some of the names sound really strange. How do they get their names? There is also a recording with a demonstration of pronunciation recorded by a Czech native speaker.

Demonstration of Demonstration of internal stress

Internal Stress in moldavites

What is Internal Stress Internal stress is a physical quantity which expresses inner power between the neighbouring particles inside the material. Demonstration and effects of internal stress Moldavites with strong and specifically distributed internal stress emit upon manipulation and tapping chiming sound. Such moldavites are called Angel chime moldavites. They are rare. We can even…