Drop (teardrop) – Shapes of Moldavites

Droplet-shaped moldavites, sometimes also called teardrops, belong to the most popular shapes. Droplets are considered a primary shape (full-forms of moldavites). Out of original droplets come several partial droplet shapes (upper, medium and lower part).

Droplet-shaped moldavites were created during their flight by viscous glassy matter tearing off from a bigger piece.That happened due to the activities of superficial forces. Droplet which flew longer (they got torn off earlier) transformed during their flight into balls.

Some droplets have thicker end (so-called „belly“) which is flattened – squashed. Those moldavites fell on the ground in a partly viscous state (they were not completely solid) and during the fall they got deformed. That kind of deformation is called secondary. Flattening of the bodies of droplets and their bending happened In the same way.

Droplets are divided into:

  • Standard drop
  • Flattened
  • Elongated
  • Bent
  • Spirally curved

Various combinations are frequent too, e.g. flattened bent drop.

Large drop

Huge teardrop

Flattened drop


Flattened bent drop from Besednice

Elongated drop without belly

Large elongated drop (without belly)

Strongly bent drop without lower part

Bent spirally curved natural middle fragment of droptear

Slightly spirrally curved droptear

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