Primary shapes of moldavites

The initial shape of all splash-form moldavites were drops, which were created in the separation of bigger tektite melt mass. Other shapes of splash-form moldavites are the result of transformation of some parts of the original malleable drops by rotation.

Moldavites with primary shape are very rare among moldavites, representing less than 1% of all pieces.

Primary moldavites shapes:


Detailed overview of all kinds of teardrops in separate article…

Moldavite Shape Drop - sketchShape drop (teardrop)Shape drop (teardrop)




Disc + Cake

Moldavite shape - Disk (sketch) Moldavite - Disk shape Moldavite shape - Disk


Moldavite - Elipsoid shape Moldavite - Elipsoid shape


Sphare (ball) - moldaviteSphare (ball) - moldavite





shape-dumbbell2 Modavite - Dumbbell shape

5 thoughts on “Primary shapes of moldavites

    • Moldavite cake shape is a type of disc. It looks really like a cake with pressed the inside and with protruded edge. I will add a photo…

  1. Hi Frantisek, thank you very much for your kind reply. I see how it can look like – it’s quite a known shape among tektites. But I am curious to see the picture to be sure and for the pleasure of the eyes !

  2. Love this site! Thank You!
    A question- What about square/rectangle??

    (I’ve got 2 beautiful, elongated square, and slightly curved in, kind of like a slab of tree bark. Nearly perfect, with all of the classic signs of authenticity. Wish I could share a photo)

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