Partial primary moldavites shapes

Formation fo partial primary shapesMoldavites went through a marked change of their shape on the Earth’s surface. It was caused by mechanical and chemical effects of various factors. Breaking and cracking of moldavites was very significant and lead to the origin of partial primary shapes and fragmental shapes. It happened during the dropping and geological transport and also spontaneously due to the influence of internal stress (in sediments).

Rarely it is sometimes possible to find all the parts of the original moldavite. Such moldavite is called naturally fragmented moldavite.

Drop – lower fragment (belly)

Drop - lower fragment (moldavite + sketch)Moldavite shape: Drop - lower fragmentDrop - lower fragment (moldavite + sketch)

Drop – upper fragment

Moldavite Shape - Drop - upper fragmentMoldavite shape - Drop (upper fragment)Moldavite shape: Drop - upper fragment

Moldavite - Upper anf lowwer fragment of drop

Disc – piece

Moldavite shape - Disk-fragment (partial primary shape) Disk - fragment (moldavite shape)


Ellipsoid – piece

Moldavite shape: Elipsiod - fragment Moldavite - Elipsoid fragment shape

Cake – piece

Kind of disc or elipsoid piece with thicker edge


Very elongated part of drop.

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