Gloss of moldavites

Gloss of the surface is another feature which is not uniform when it comes to moldavites. We not only recognize several shades of colour but also various degrees of gloss. On the surface, gloss usually varies but inside it is uniform.

Most collectors prefer glossy moldavites although the matte have their own charm as well.

Degrees of gloss in moldavites:

  • Without gloss (velvety)
  • Matte
  • Medium
  • Glossy
  • Very glossy (glassy, varnishy)


Moldavite gloss is mainly influenced by surrounding rock. Glossy moldavites are found in locations with sandy gravel sediment. On the other hand the matte ones are found in clay sediments. Moldavites which went through a long river transport are matte as well – they have an abrided surface.


After extraction of a moldavite from sediment its shine will start changing. Unfortunately, moldavites will slowly start losing its original gloss. It is most noticable in old finds. Some moldavites in museums therefore have tarnished surface. It is caused by aggresive substances in atmosphere which etche the surface. The process is fortunately very slow.

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