The biggest bohemian moldavite (with photo)

Some time ago I wrote, that I’d heard about the discovery of the biggest Czech (Bohemian) moldavite. It has been confirmed, so look at the photos of this giant…

For illustration, there is a quartz of same weight in my previous article. Of course the moldavite looks different in reality. It has a dumbbell shape and that is the best thing, because this shape is the rarest among “primary moldavite shapes“.

Unfortunately, I weren’t able to confirm the discovery of a 190g moldavite, which I also previously wrote about.

Weight: 171g (355ct)
Deposit: Dobrkovská Lhotka
Longest size: over 120mm (practically 5”)
Shape: Dumbbell
Found: 2015

Source: P. Prchal’s Facebook

5 thoughts on “The biggest bohemian moldavite (with photo)

  1. What causes the blue color in the open bubble? Would this be considered a bi-color Moldavite? Would this increase it’s value?

      • If it is clay, why is it blue? The other clay on the moldavite is white. I have never heard of blue clay. The shade of blue is the same baby-blue color of the rarest, all blue moldavite. Can you explain? Thanks.

        • It is probably a defect of lens of camera. Generally color of clay is not the same on all moldavite deposits. It is to be found white, gray, greenish and blueish too.

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