The largest Czech moldavite found?

At present, the largest known Bohemian moldavite weighs about 142 g. However, it may not be true anymore.It is said that two large moldavites have been found during the construction of a pond near the village of Dobrkov. One is supposed to weigh over 140 g and have the shape of a dumbbell. The other one should resemble a ball and even weigh over 170 g. It would be the largest moldavide found in South Bohemia.

Unfortunately, this information is not confirmed and it may be only rumour. They say that a moldavite weighing 170 g was offered for sale for 500,000 CZK. It is approximately 20,000 USD.

Just to remind you, the largest Moravian moldavite weighs over 265 g.

The largest Bohemian moldavite weighing 170 g could be about this big

The stone on the hand is quartz with same weight and similar density like moldavites…

Like Czech largest moldavite


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