Looking for Moldavites on fields

I drive by fields where moldavites are possible to find almost every day. During the spring and fall season, I am always on the lookout for the time when farmers plow over the earth, looking forward to going out there and searching for Moldavites.

Field with moldavites (before the wood) I finally saw a tractor, plowing over a stubble field. I did not have enough time the next day, and on top of that, it had been dry. The best time to go looking for Moldavites is after it has rained (or during  :-)). The Moldavite’s surface is more reflective and therefore easier to see. I told myself I best try my luck the next day.

On that day it had rained in the morning, which was optimal for me. In the afternoon, however, I got a nasty surprise; there were already eight bent-over persons staring intently at the ground. I did not see much hope in any Moldavites being left, given the area of the field was quite small.

Maybe I’ll get my chance next year, when the earth will once again be turned over by the agricultural machines :-).

Looking for Moldavites still proves as a very popular activity. Because of this, unfortunately, an actual find is becoming more and more rare these days.

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