1,000 moldavites?

I had a box full of moldavites. It was a mixture of small, damaged, and even ruined ones. The time came to sort them out.

1000 moldavites     I decided to sort them out into tiny undamaged ones weighing up to 0.5g, into a little bigger undamged ones with the weight up to 1g, into stones with a minor damage, and into damaged or ruined moldavites.

Sorting of moldavites is a pleasant activity, don’t you think? Maybe it would be so, if sorting bigger moldavites, but sorting such little ones is somewhat tiring. Whether there were really a thousand or not, I am not sure, but there were plenty.

Eventually it had a positive outcome. I managed to find a really tiny droplet and an incredibly diminuitive stone weighing only several hundredths of a gram. One moldavite also appeared to be of two colours. It was indeed a pleasant find, which I must investigate further.

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