A visit to deposit Kroclov – Vrabce

On Saturday I had a little time and it was hard to stay at home on such a beautiful sunny afternoon. I decided to look around a moldavite locality near Vrabce (Czech – Vrábče) at the village of Kroclov.

Around Vrabce there are several places where moldavites are found. Moldavites in Terciary (Pliocene) sediments, in so called Koroseky sandy gravel. Moldavites are found in fields and in several sand excavation pits.

Kroclov - moldavite deposit     The fields I wanted to check border with a road so to get there was easy and so was to recognize the right place. It was recently ploughed and a great number of nudgets of quartzes and red places with sand were shining into a distance. The night before it rained so it was an ideal place for looking for moldavites.

I spent walking around the field about 45 minutes. It did not look very promising. From time to time  I saw a black nugget which looked like a moldavite. However, on close inspection I found out it was a felspar, which can look very similar. There were a lot of footprints on the field, so there had been moldavite hunters before me. Maybe that is why I did not manage to find a single moldavite that day.


I walked to the edge of the Vrabce sand excavation pit, where moldavites are found.

Rear edge of the Vrabce sand excavation pit

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