Movie about moldavite prospectors

A dramatic story about illegal moldavite hunters is being made into a movie. The film Zloději zelených koní (The green horse thieves) is based on Jiří Hájiček’s novel and is directed by Dan Wlodarczyk.

Movie about moldavite prospectorsWhat critics especially appreciated about Hájíček’s novel was the drama and the passion that moldavite hunters went through. The director however sees regional and social elements in it.

The producers observe the dream about independency and freedom combined with sustenance beyond the law. They project this dream into the fate of two friends, starring Pavel Liška on IMDB and Marek Adamczyk.

The staff shoots the movie on several places in the Czech Republic, especially around Český Krumlov in South Bohemia. They also visited Nesměň, where a prospector died this year, when he was cluttered with clay.

The movie cut should be finished during this winter and the whole movie should be ready in spring 2016.

Source: Cineart, iDnes

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