Moldavite exhibition in the South bohemian museum

The South bohemian museum in Czech Budweis prepared a new moldavite exposition. You can admire more than 460 stones here.

Moldavite exhibition in the South bohemian museumThe museum’s collection consists of over 9000 moldavites. It has been collected for more than a hundred years. The museum’s curators tried to pick the most interesting ones. Moldavites of various shapes are exhibited, for example drops, sticks … and also rare shapes. Moldavites with various surfaces, colors and from different sites. At the exhibition, you will find truly big stones, including the largest moldavite ever found (but just a copy, unfortunately).

Besides raw moldavites, you can look at a few moldavite jewels, faceted moldavites and carved stones, which are exceptional.

As you could have guessed from the exhibition’s title, you will also see other natural glass besides moldavites. Mainly tektites from other places (Vietnam, China, Australia etc.) and also volcanic glasses – obsidians.

The exhibition Moldavites and other natural glass is available until 31th December 2016 in the main building of the museum.


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