Measuring of moldavites (dimensions and weight)

Measuring of moldavite dimensions

With a moldavite, we measure its length, width and thickness. The measurement is carried out in the thickest part of the moldavite.

How to measure moldavites

Measuring instruments – how to measure

To measure a moldavite we use a vernier scale with accuracy within 0.01 mm. However we must be careful not to damage the stone as the measure is made of meatal. For basic measuring, a simple roll-up tape measure with accuracy within 1 mm.

Measure od moldavite dimension with vernier scale Measuring with roll-up tape


Measurements are most commonly carried out in the SI system (International System of Units), which contains the unit for length – the metre [m]. For moldavites dimensions measurement is used smaller unit – the milimetre [mm]. 1mm = 0.001m.

The Imperial or US Customary system is sometimes also emlpoyed. It uses  inches as basic units [“].

  • 1 inch = 25.4 millimetre
  • 1 millimetre is exactly equal to 5⁄127 inch
  • 1 mm ≈ 0.039370”

Online unit conversion (from milimetre to inch) –

Other dimensions

We can measure size of opened bubbles, diameter of channels, length of lechatelierities, schlierens etc.

Measuring of moldavite weight

The weight is the most important parameter on which the value of a moldavite is based. When weighed a moldavite should be clean without residue of clay and dry.

Measuring instruments

As for weighing, the use of a digital scale is the easiest. To get an accurate result laboratory electronic scales can be used. Their accuracy is within 0.001g. For common use scales with accuracy within 0.01 or 0.1g or even a normal kithen digital scales will do.

Digital scale - measuring of moldavite weightUnits

SI system

The basic unit of weight according to the SI system (the International System of Units) is a kilogram (kg). For individual moldavites this unit is too big so we use gram (g) instead.

Online converter


Carat [ct, CD] is an unit of mass used for gemstones.

1 carat is equal to 0.2g (0.007055 oz)

Imperial and U.S. customary units

(from wikipedia –

Avoirdupois Weight (General use)




SI equivalent



64.80 mg



27 11⁄32 gr

1.772 g



16 dr

28.35 g



16 oz

7000 gr

453.6 g

Troy Weight (Used for precious metals)




SI equivalent



64.80 mg



24 gr

1.555 g

Ounce troy

oz t

20 dwt

31.10 g

Pound troy

lb t

12 oz t

5760 gr

373.2 g

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