Huge Moldavite – Drop

This large moldavite is naturally dividend drop into three parts.

A drop (in other words a teardrop) got broken probably into five parts (at least). Unfortunately only three largest parts were found.

Estimated appearance of the original moldaviteI estimate the total length of the original drop was about 130 mm (over 5 inches).
The weight of the original drop would be about 70 g (350 carats).

The total weight of all extant parts is 63.02g (315.10 ct)
Naturally divided large drop

  • Part 1 (belly of the drop)
    Dimensions: 71 x 30 x 18mm, Weight: 48.28g
  • Part 2 (middle part of the drop)
    Dimensions:48 x 16 x 11mm, Weight: 10.98g
  • Part 3 (a part of the belly)
    Dimensions: 39 x 14 x 6mm, Weight: 3.75 g


On the breaks fluidal texture is prepared. You can check the parts really belong fit together.

The moldavite comes from the deposit of Jakule. The deposit is near the village of Byňov in South Bohemia.

Fitted parts of the huge drop

Individial parts of the large moldavite

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