How Moldavite Deposits Are Named

Every moldavite deposit (location) has its own name and some of the names sound really strange. How do they get their names? There is also a recording with a demonstration of pronunciation recorded by a Czech native speaker.

Deposits of moldaitesA great number of deposits were named after the nearest village or municipality. Sometimes they get their name after a local name for the place. Sometimes these names sound funny or strange even to a native speaker (most moldavites come from the Czech Republic).

A little more complicated situation occurs when in one location there are several deposits. Apart from the main name a specifying postscript is added to make the exact place clear. An example is the village of Besednice where several deposits are found.

Appellations of some moldavite deposits and their sense

Czech name English approximate translation Meaning
Besednice – Ježkovna Besednice – Hedgehog place In the municipality of Besednice. In the deposit are found (or rather were found) moldavites with a pronounced sculpture thanks to which they are called hedgehogs.
Besednice u kostela Besednice by the church The deposit is near the church
Besednice u stohu Besednice by a hay stack There used to be a hay stack near the deposit
Besednice u zastávky Besednice by a bus stop Near a bus stop
Nesměň v lese Nesměn in the woods The deposit is in the woods in the vicinity of the village of Nesměň
Nesměn u prasečáku Nesměn by a pig sty The deposit is in Nesměň nearby a coop farm with pigs (prasečák is a colloquial name for a pig sty)
Chlum Chlum A big deposit near the village of Chlum upon Malše
Malý Chlum Little Chlum A smaller deposit near the deposit in Chlum
Nová Hospoda New pub The deposit is near a little village of the name Nová Hospoda
Parýz A local colloquial name for a place near village of Dobrovská Lhotka
Dobrkovská Lhotka A. tzv “áčko” Dobrkovská Lhotka A One of some deposits nearby the village of Dobrkovská Lhotka

What do the names sound like in Czech?

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