Brutal police raid on illegal prospectors of moldavites

NesmenAt night from 9th to 1Oth March there was a massive police raid on illegal prospectors of moldavites. It took place nearby the village of Nesmen in South Bohemia.

Recently the police have intensified their supervision over moldavite localities. Several times a special police squad has even been sent and the locals also patrol the places. Due to greater supervision and nearly exhausted deposits prospectors are under enormous pressure. Every newly discovered deposit gets intensively exploited, which is also the case of the Nesmen field.

The police, trying to detain as many illegal prospectors as possible, used police dogs and they acted really brutally. One of the prospectors was hospitalized because of a serious injury of his arm.

The situation around moldavites is not looking good. Unfortunately the accessibility of the stones is decreasing and thus the price is increasing.

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