Demonstration of Demonstration of internal stress

Internal Stress in moldavites

What is Internal Stress Internal stress is a physical quantity which expresses inner power between the neighbouring particles inside the material. Demonstration and effects of internal stress Moldavites with strong and specifically distributed internal stress emit upon manipulation and tapping chiming sound. Such moldavites are called Angel chime moldavites. They are rare. We can even…

Noble-gas mass spectrometer for K-Ar dating

Tektites dating – determining the age of moldavites

Potassium–argon dating (K–Ar) method It is suitable as tectites (natural glass) usually contain quite high amount of potassium (including radioactive potassium 40). The amount of potassium is determined by mass spectometer. In the same way the amount of argon 40 can be measured. The date of origin of  natural glass can be calculated from the…

Impact of meteorite - Ries - Moldavite origin

The origin of moldavites – common theory

The general (scientific) theory of moldavites origin says that moldavites were formed by meteorite impact at Stuttgart (southwestern Germany) 14,800,000 years ago. Based on calculations and laboratory simulations, it is assumed that this meteorite was of a diameter from 500 to 1000 meters (1640 – 3200 ft.).