A moldavite with an unusual kind of damage

A moldavite damaged during extraction usually has chipped off part or is more or less broken.

Such damage is caused by a contact with a tool, e.g. a spade or a pickaxe. In the case of industrial extraction damage usually happens during the process of sediment washing. If you want to learn how to recognize a damaged moldavite, check out this article.

Due to unsuitable storage methods sharp parts of moldavites get chipped off or abraded. How to store moldavites…

A moldavite with an unusual kind of damageThis moldavite was damaged by another stone lying immediately besides it in the sediment. The damage was caused by the stone pressing upon the fine surface texture (sculpture). This pressure might have been caused by the weight of the sediment or indirectly by a pressure of a tool.

Size: 61 x 26 x 14mm (2.4″ x 1″ x 0.55″)
Weight: 31.93g (159.65ct)
Deposit: Dobrkovska Lhotka – Zatacka
Shape: Drop – without the top part (natural shape)
With small rest of clay
With interesting depression in middle part (probably created with same process like the small imprint/damage)

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