Easter moldavite hunt

In the Czech Republic we have a saying: on Good Friday (this year March 25th), Earth opens and releases its treasures. So I went to look for moldavites.

Horní VesceI got into my car and went to a site next to a little town, Horní Vesce. I have never been there, but according to the geological map there are koroseky gravels – gravelly and sandy sediments with sculptured tertiary moldavites (area 106 in map).

Horní VesceAfter more than an hour of searching, there were no results. On the field, there were some older footprints of previous moldavite hunters, perhaps they were luckier.

The next day, I decided to go to another site, which is close to the place where I live. Here would be a moldaviteOn this field, there are significantly more round quartzes and other stones. But this site is generally poorer than the previous one. As you could have guessed, this time I wasn´t successful either. Earth didn’t release its treasures…

Moldavite - found on fieldMoldavites have been searched for and collected for a long time. In addition to that, in the last few years the interest in moldavites has increased. Finding moldavites on fields is becoming more and more difficult.

So, at least, here is a photo of one of the older findings. You can try distinguishing moldavites found on a field and moldavites digged up from the deep.


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