Pendant with faceted moldavite and garnets - heart

Jewelry with faceted moldavites

Faceted moldavites in combination with red garnets or zirkons and silver. Small red garnets are other typical gems from the Czech Republic. The combination with moldavites have been popular since 19th century. In the past in was quite popular in combination with fresh water pearls (from Czech rivers).

Fake moldavite

Fake moldavites – how many are being sold?

I wondered how many fake moldavites were being sold and at what price, or in other words, just how many buyers are being scammed. Because of its popularity and the accessibility of usable analytical tools, I decided to turn to eBay. To be sure, I selected only those sellers who were selling very obvious knock-offs.

Field with moldavites (before the wood)

Looking for Moldavites on fields

I drive by fields where moldavites are possible to find almost every day. During the spring and fall season, I am always on the lookout for the time when farmers plow over the earth, looking forward to going out there and searching for Moldavites.

Measuring of moldavite radioactivity

Are Moldavites radioactive?

Moldavites are not radioactive. Nevertheless, I do come across this question a lot, so let’s go ahead and debunk this myth of Moldavites’ radioactivity and confirm that they are safe to handle.